The B.O.D visits and works at Ca Mau 1 Wind Power Project

The senior managements of Phan Vu Group has just had a visit to the project and worked with the PMU at the project, which is constructing the wind turbine pillar concrete piles of the Ca Mau 1 Wind Power Plant Project. This project is invested by Trade and Construction Corporation (WTO), with a capacity of 350 MW, including 4 plants 1A, 1B, 1C and 1D.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Son - Project Management Director directly reported the project progress to the Phan Vu delegation according to updated data as of April 24, 2022: Contractor Phan Vu has completed the construction work and is implementing concurrently concrete work for 13 turbine pier foundations of package 1A. It is expected that by mid-May 2022, Phan Vu will complete the construction of 6 turbine pillar foundations and in July 2022 will complete the remaining 7 pillars of package 1A of Ca Mau 1 Wind Power Plant Project.

Thus, contractor Phan Vu is meeting the construction schedule as committed to the customer and the PMU aims to continue completing the important milestones of the project on schedule in the near future. It is expected that the schedule will be exceeded if the weather conditions at sea are favorable.

At the meeting with the PMU, Mr. Phan Khac Long - Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director, after listening to the general report on the situation and construction progress of package 1A, praised the spirit of all Phan Vu employees at the Ca Mau 1 Wind Power Plant project. Despite facing many difficulties and challenges due to the pandemic, the complicated construction conditions at sea a and the continuous influence of weather. Despite the bad weather, the PMU completed on schedule and with the quality as committed to the customer. In addition, the Group's directors also reminded them of their high concentration to maintain progress for the next important milestones of Package 1A and Package 1C, which will be deployed in May. 

During the visit to the construction site, Phan Vu's directors also received a warm welcome from the officers of the Ganh Hao Border Guard Station - Bac Lieu. The project is located between Ca Mau - Bac Lieu province and near the sea border, so the situation is relatively complicated to manage. However, contractor Phan Vu is considered to comply very well with regulations on security and order on shore and at sea and create jobs for local people. Head of Border Guard Station Ganh Hao expressed his wish that Phan Vu would continue to perform well his role as a contractor and contribute to the construction and development of the locality in the coming time.

Some pictures during the business trip of the Board of Directors of Phan Vu Group in Ca Mau:

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