Policy on Whistle-blowing of Phan Vu Group



Phan Vu Group

Established: 1996

1. Purposes

This regulation is developed to establish a system to handle complaints and reports on violations of laws/regulations by organizations or individuals in the Group (Phan Vu Group); through which the Group wishes to ensure public confidence in the Group through the prevention and early detection of wrongdoings or violations of laws/regulations.

2. Subjects of application

  •  Leaders and employees of the Group (full-time employees, temporary employees, seconded employees, contract employees, temporary dispatched employees).
  • Those who have an employment relationship with the Group such as part-time and extra -work employees, ...

  • Family members of leaders and employees of the Group.

  • Leaders and employees of business partners and cooperative partners.

3.Contact point to provide information

  •  Internal Control Department - Phan Vu Investment Corporation.
  • Address: A2 Truong Son Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

  •  Phone: (84-28) 2220 0884 – 6 Fax: (84-28) 2220 0887

  • Email: kiemsoatnoibo@phanvu.com

4. Notification content

If you detect any of the following behaviors, you can report or consult us:

  • Conduct that causes or may pose a danger to the safety and health of management, employees, business partners and other interested parties.

  • Acts that cause or may cause adverse effects or destruction of the local environment.

  • Acts of serious violation of the enterprise's code of conduct, regulations on compliance, labor rules and other regulations in the Group.

  • Conduct related to sexual harassment and abuse of power.

  • Other acts that violate laws and regulations, inappropriate acts or acts that violate the principles of social justice.

  • Acts of hiding, destroying evidence, leaking information, ... related to the acts in the above items.

5. Procedures and precautions when blowing the whistle

  • Leaders, employees and others (hereinafter called whistleblower) who want to whistle-blow will do so through means such as phone, email, fax, text or face-to-face meeting, ...

  • Whistleblower will provide real name, affiliated department and contact address when announcing.

  • In principle, the notification should use the real name to ensure an appropriate investigation and response. Anonymous notifications are also acceptable, but are not available to investigate, protect whistleblowers, or provide an appropriate response.

  • Do not notify for self-seeking purposes or slander, defame leaders and other employees.

6. Whistleblower protection

  • The Group will not have any form of adverse treatment for whistleblowers for the reason that the notification of violations as mentioned above has been made.

  • The person or department receiving information must not disclose personal information of the whistleblower if requested by the whistleblower.

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