Phan Vu's trainees - Course 5 preparing to study in Japan

On July 24th, 2023 at Phan Vũ Building (HCMC, Vietnam), Mr. Tran Vu Anh Tuan - General Director of Phan Vu has a short meeting, exchange and careful advice with Phan Vu's trainees - Course 5 preparing to study in Japan. The meeting is also attended by two representatives from Asia Pile Holdings (APH): Mr. Kenichi Sugita - Head of International Aid Department and Mr. Kimito Ando - Head of Human Resources Department.

General Director, Tran Vu Anh Tuan emphasized that: "This is an opportunity for young staffs, young engineers of Phan Vu to study foreign languages (Japanese), Japanese culture and the history of outstanding development in Japanese technology. The trainees must be responsible for completing the task of professional studying and management methods of the Japanese, in order to bring the knowledge studied in Vietnam to apply in the near future.

The representative of trainees - Course 5 would like to expess their sincerethanks to the Board of Directors and Company for their interest and active support, creating favorable conditions for them to study in Vietnam before departing for Japan. At the same time, thank you for the support of Asia Pile Holdings, and especially the Japanese experts residing in Vietnam: Mr. Yoshikazu Suzuki and Mr. Inazumi Ryo for guiding the trainee team.

Wishing all the trainees - Course 5 study well and gain a lot of professional knowledge and experience a very unique culture in the beautiful country, Japan.

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