Phan Vu exports concrete piles during the Covid-19 pandemic wave

Facing the serious impact of the 4th wave of Covid-19, while some construction sites in Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces had to temporarily close, factories had to perform "3 at site", the supply chain was in danger of being broken. In the northern region, Phan Vu is still maintaining regular production, exporting centrifugal concrete piles to countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Bangladesh... This is a very encouraging and optimistic bright spot amidst the gray picture of the domestic market these days.

Phan Vu centrifugal concrete piles exported to Bangladesh

The pressure on the supply schedule of export market customers, while the customs clearance procedures for goods during the Covid-19 pandemic period are extremely difficult for both the place of departure (from Vietnam) and the destination (the country that receive goods) is a big challenge for Phan Vu, especially Duyen Hai Sales Office - the unit directly in charge of this export market. The work that needs to be solved is doubled compared to normal, the staff in charge must closely follow each contract to be able to fully meet the customer's requirements in terms of quality and progress...

Phan Vu centrifugal concrete piles exported to Taiwan

In addition, Phan Vu factories must also show high determination to be able to complete both task: preventing and controlling the Covid pandemic and maintaining production activities to ensure the supply of domestic and international order. As a result, the export shipments of centrifugal concrete piles to other countries still arrive at ports regularly and on schedule as committed to customers. Another important factor that helps Phan Vu gain the trust of export market customers is that the quality of centrifugal concrete piles is always consistent with international requirements and standards.

Phan Vu centrifugal concrete piles exported to the Philippines

Up to now, the total value of Phan Vu's centrifugal concrete pile export contracts has exceeded 500 billion VND, with various types of piles in diameters from D300 to D1,000. In addition, Phan Vu has also exported SW300 - SW640 sheet piles to a number of other countries in the region. Phan Vu will continue to maintain and make the most of opportunities to export concrete piles to increase output and revenue for factories in the group's system. 


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