Producing centrifugal concrete piles without excess mortar technology

It is estimated that for every new part of centrifugal concrete pile (CCP) produced by the traditional centrifugal rotation method, about 6 - 10% of the volume of concrete used to produce this pile must be removed under excess mortar inside the pile. Only in Phan Vu's production system, each year supplying the market with an average of 1.5 million tons of concrete pile, it is estimated that there will be no less than 100,000 tons of excess unreated mortar and this is NOT a small number! 

Excess mortar must be treated when producing reinforced concrete piles by traditional methods

After more than 20 years since the first day Phan Vu launched the product, reinforced concrete piles and pre-stressed round piles in Vietnam market to replace the traditional pile products (square pile, steel pile) at that time, after concerns about optimizing the amount of materials, reducing costs and reducing emissions to the environment, in November 2019, Phan Vu officially successfully improved the technology of producing reinforced concrete piles without excess mortar on the product after 3 years of joint research with Japanese experts from Japan Pile - a strategic partner of Phan Vu. The production technology of reinforced concrete piles without excess mortar is improved based on the traditional centrifugal rotation method, thereby reducing the percentage of excess mortar that needs to be removed to less than 1% compared to the previous 6 - 10%. Thanks to this new innovation, CCP pile manufacturers can save materials, reduce transportation, reduce waste treatment costs, reduce emissions to the environment... 

The problem for manufacturers of reinforced concrete piles in Vietnam to be able to successfully apply centrifugal rotation technology without excess mortar includes strict requirements such as: selection of appropriate grades and materials; ensure high accuracy of each ingredient when weighing; absolute compliance with the mixing procedure; centrifugal rotation speed and time must be suitable; the skill level and maximum concentration of workers operating the batching plant…

Concrete piles without excess mortar at Phan Vu Long An factory

Currently, Phan Vu has applied the technology of producing centrifugal concrete piles without excess mortar for a number of factories under the group's system such as Phan Vu Long An, Phan Vu Dong Nai... And initially, Phan Vu also successfully transfer this technology to other companies in the same industry in 2020.

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