Phan Vu concrete piles construction sites apply "3 at site"

Following the instructions for prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic on the construction site of the Ministry of Construction, along with the instructions of the Department of Construction of Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces, Phan Vu - the contractor for the construction of concrete pile foundations - must both ensures the progress and strictly complies with the regulations on prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic with the "3 at site" measure".

Phan Vu Hyper-MEGA piles construction site

Completing both tasks: ensuring the progress as well as maintaining Covid-19 prevention and control before this 4th wave of Covid-19 for construction sites is an extremely difficult mission. The project implementation face difficulties right from the first step of preparation, which is to transport machinery, equipment, materials... to the construction site, a lot of procedures are needed to pass the checkpoints. Next are other strict requirements such as workers must perform "3 at site" (Resting, living and working at the construction site); performing a full Covid-19 test with a frequency of every 3 days... In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic also causes a shortage of personnel, especially unskilled workers, this for sure is a troublesome obstacle for managers.

Strictly comply with regulations on prevention and control of Covid-19 pandemic

In addition to complying with regulations on the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic, Phan Vu also fully ensures the requirements for site organization, construction methods as well as technical requirements, progress and quality as agreed with the customer. Phan Vu develops a plan to supply materials and human resources in accordance with actual conditions the construction work won’t be disrupted to ensure the project progress as committed.

Although facing many obstacles to implement the project during this period, with the message "Sharing difficulties - Striving to comply – Success is next " of the Chairman of the Board of Managers of Phan Vu Group, the collective staff of Phan Vu is showing the spirit of determination and dedication to overcome this difficult period. Especially the very undaunted morale of all Phan Vu employees at construction sites where concrete piles are being constructed in the face of the great and prolonged challenge of the 4th Covid-19 pandemic. Phan Vu commits that "3 at site" will not affect the schedule and quality as committed to customers

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