Phan vu awarded scholarship to student HCMUTE

On November 24, 2020, Phan Vũ Investment Corp participate with HCMC University of Technology and Education (HCMUTE) solemnly held a signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) – Scholarship Award Ceremony – Associate Seminar on the design and construction of modern foundations with the students of building faculty. 

Opening the signing ceremony MOU - Scholarship

This ceremony is being interested by Thanh Nien News.

This ceremony honored the participate from: Representative of Phan Vũ Corp, Mr Kien Hung Dang – Vice President of the Corp, Mr Suzuki Yoshikazu – Senior Technical Consultant and other departments. About university’s representative is the appearance of Associate Professor/ Dr Van Dung Do – Principal of HCMUTE, Associate Professor/ Dr Dinh Thanh Chau – Head of Building Faculty, other representative of other departments, lecturers, and students.

This MOU between HCMUTE and Phan Vũ is signed by A/Professor Van Dung Do and Mr Kien Hung Dang in front of the representative of both sides. According to this MOU is the premise to enhance the cooperation and create a convenient condition for both side to exchange knowledge and participate in research and develop, training high quality human resources through studying and practice.


Signing ceremony MOU between HCMUTE and Phan Vu

A/Professor Van Dung Do and Mr Kien Hung Dang

As already known, 2020 is a hardship year for all enterprises, including Phan Vũ Group, as the pandemic since the beginning of this year and still very complicated, plus the affected from typhoon season from recent months. Despite this hardship, Board of Director Phan Vu still concern and encourage to the students, the future force. After the signing MOU, representative of Phan Vu Group – Mr Kien Hung Dang is awarded 11 scholarships to students of faculty with special condition in financial and achieved high result in study, the total scholarships are 75 million VND. This is a small gift to cheering and share some of difficulty in living expense of students, to make a motivation for these students to overcome life obstacle and writing the new future.

The student of HCMUTE received scholarship 

In the end of this meeting, Mr Suzuki Yoshikazu and Mr Thanh Hoang Huynh – Vice Director of Sale Department of Phan Vũ Group have 2 articles to share about the practical in design and construct of concrete pile for foundation to students.

Mr Suzuki Yoshikazu

Mr Thanh Hoang Huynh


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