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Innovative solution for bridge system in wind power projects

The requirement of construction progress, quality control, cost control and labor safety assurance, the traditional method - pouring concrete on site for the bridge system item of wind power projects nearshore and offshore cannot be fully satisfied according to all requirements above.

Precast concrete of Phan Vũ

In order to overcome the weak points of the on-site concrete pouring method, Phan Vu cooperated with our customers to develop ideas, design and manufacture of multi-function bridge girder system for Dong Hai 1 wind power plant (Bac Lieu province). Accordingly, Phan Vu has provided for all items of precast concrete bridge girder system with a total length of 11 km and volume of 35 tons per component, concrete grade 70MPa.

In addition to the common advantages of precast concrete products such as easy to control quality and progress, control costs, not be affected by weather factors ... Precast concrete of Phan Vũ for bridge girders can be measured with specific figures such as: 50% shorten construction progress and 30% reduction in investment costs. In addition, precast concrete of bridge beams ensure space for installation and maintenance of technical piping systems, electrical cables; ensure the load capacity for transport vehicles to support the maintenance in the future; ensure aesthetics and create a suitable highlight for the landscape to exploit tourism after putting the wind power project into use.

Source of pictures: Construction site at Dong Hai 1 - Bac Lieu Wind Power Plant

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